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winner Nicole Franzel made it clear that she wanted a romance outside the house with her houseguest Corey Brooks.It seemed like they were going to make it work, but recent pictures on social media imply that “Ni Corey” is over.He revealed that he and Amelia had gone to see Aladdin in the theatre. Sam Thompson and Tiffany Watson's romance on Made In Chelsea was one of the highlights of the E4 show's recent series, but with the pair on a break and Sam in the Celebrity Big Brother house, will their romance ever get back on track?Sam captioned the snap: "Aladdin, we've finally come!!!! One wrote: "So happy they are dating Enjoy it guys @amelialily11 you look super cute as always .. The loved-up stars have only previously posted one picture together.Sam's selfie of the pair, which was posted on his Instagram on Wednesday 13 September, marked the second photo of the couple.It all just happened so fast that I had to force myself to stop and take a second to process the information! Nickson: I guess whoever the weakest players in who out of the two of you will you decide to listen to? Graf: Being seen as a threat and making enemies too soon.Cody was still in jury sequester and we didn't even get any time to really talk about it. The last thing I want is a double U-turn sending us home. Will you be better racers than , we weren't ever given a fighting chance after Cody's HOH.

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It will be a live event, as CBS is inviting fans of the duo (otherwise known as Jody) to witness them take off at Washington Square Park (Fifth Avenue and Waverly Place) in New York on Sunday, Oct. The two were considered the underdogs as well as victims of bullying all season long after their other competitors made them targets for the majority of the game.

When asked whether they were 'official', he replied: "We are dating.

' Big Brother's Season 18 winner, Nicole Franzel, is dating Victor Arroyo, another contestant from BB18 -- however, their romance didn't start until they came together for the premiere of Big Brother 19!

For Jessica's part some of the comments she made inside the house were perceived by viewers and former alumni as racist, and Cody faced backlash throughout his time on the show after making transphobic comments on the show's 24/7 live feeds. Nickson: The process with us is pretty simple: I decide on something without thinking, it fails, she tells me I'm an idiot, then we do it her way.

All will be revealed on how they handle with Cody and I said absolutely. I'll have someone at your house in an hour to pick up your passport. I figured it wouldn't be for at least a couple of months. Those guys are great and I think we could team up with them and do some damage. What do you predict being the biggest challenges for this?

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