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I grabbed Ryan's hand to signal him that he needn't play with my nipple anymore.I reached my hand back and pushed his torso, he stopped fucking me and pulled out of my ass. I span round and crouched down, my jeans and thong still round my ankles, just above my white converse."It was fine thank you Daniel, I'm gonna make some dinner, are you staying with us? My phone buzzed: Today was great but you're coming out in public? I frowned and text back: What am I too ugly to be out in public? My phone buzzed super quick, he was waiting for my reply, clearly eager. I wasn't just Kelly, I was badass Kelly with an attitude." I shook my head "no thank you, I ate recently I'm pretty full, and I should get home soon." I put the controller down, picked up my backpack and turned to Ryan "thanks for having me over Ryan, I'll text you later maybe we can do something." Ryan nodded back at me "yeah okay, thanks for coming over anyway." I left Ryan's and went home, I laid on my bed naked for some time, thinking about the hot fucking I had done earlier. My ass was a little sore, yet I knew it could take some more pounding. I stood in the woods waiting, I could see the street where I knew Ryan would be coming from, I paced as I waited.

I heard him say "I know you like that, let's see if I can really get you over the edge baby girl." As he said girl he grabbed my cock with his other hand, his hand started pumping it in time with his thrusts into my ass, he continued teasing my nipple and he whispered in my ear "take it you little bitch, you're my slut aren't you?

I pulled out my phone and text Ryan: Ryan, it's Kelly. This area was good because it had little street lighting, but bad because alone it was kinda spooky.

Finally I saw Ryan come round the corner, I pointed at him before curling my finger towards me in a "come here" motion.

Ryan's orgasm finished and I had swallowed his whole load, I swirled my tongue around his tip in my mouth, making sure he was totally cleaned of his load.

He pulled out of my mouth when he was done and I took in a large breath, and stood up in case I was so exhausted I sank to my bare bottom on the woods floor.

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