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And, considering the boost that her previous album got from tying woman-scorned songs to the very bankable name of Joe Jonas (whose cross-marketing potential didn't exactly go untapped during their relationship) it's in line with previously established modes of revenue generation and marketing for the Taylor Swift brand.

One song from the new album, "Better Than Revenge," hangs on the lines "she's an actress / but she's better known for the things she does on the mattress." (Yes, there is already speculation on the identity of the actress in question.) Although Swift has done a great deal to distance her public image from mattresses, and the unspeakable things done thereupon, it's worth noting that she's a singer and actress, and she's better known for her involvement with various heartthrobs who are popular with her target demographic than she is for, say, her vocal range.

It's ethically questionable (pity Joe Jonas, forced to take to his own My Space blog to explain to an audience of angry, sheltered tweens that "maybe there were reasons for a breakup") but it sells.

Still, there is nothing like listening to to make you appreciate Carly Simon.

And with her third album , there's more attention than ever being paid to what she's confessing.

Which is entirely predictable: Her life now includes plenty of famous names, including allegedly faithless Disney star Joe Jonas, heartthrob Taylor Lautner, and tabloid fixture John Mayer.

The Internet has given us an unprecedented amount of access to personal information about celebrities, creating the very hunger for information it aims to satisfy, yet it's also decimated record sales.

Swift, as others have noted, has become "her own TMZ." You can hear that she may have dated John Mayer anywhere, but for the real, true, unfiltered tell-all, buy !

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But it had built-in marketing opportunities: She got to debut it at the VMAs, thus assuring herself of another spotlight moment and reminding everyone of the sales-boostingcontroversy.She hit the headlines after having a kidney operation and now she's back with Justin Bieber - here's what we know about the former Disney babe... 25 was born July 22, 1992 and is a singer and actress.She shot to fame as a Disney star - most notably the lead role of mischievous Alex Russo in series Wizards of Waverly Place." Swift's choice to write about Lautner is similarly convenient.Their relationship was short, reportedly anywhere from three to six months in duration.

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