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to 12 noon in order to provide an opportunity for campus-wide events.Faculty members should notify their department head/chair if there are any assigned room changes.The syllabus should include the instructor’s contact information, office hours and location, required texts and supplementary material, assessment and grading methods and expectations, attendance and make-up policy and any other information needed to assure student understanding of the nature, requirements, and expectations of the course.

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The academic year consists of full- or part-time teaching during any three of the four quarters, followed by a vacation quarter off.Although expense fees may be accepted, faculty members are not permitted to accept compensation from any outside source for time spent in performing CSU officially assigned duties.Individuals filing expense claims against another agency should submit their claims in duplicate through their dean.A learning management system stores and manages course content and activities online, which allows faculty to store course content (syllabus, lecture materials, video, audio, etc.), communicate with students (discussion forum, email, blog, chat, etc.), collaborate on projects (wiki and groups), and provide timely assessment.Poly Learn is fully integrated with the Cal Poly Portal and People Soft HCM.

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