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"Perhaps that should have been my first sign that he was gay? When he eventually broke up with her without apparent reason, it was Fishel's mom who finally broached the topic.

"Do you think there's any possibility that Lance is gay? A few years later Bass came out to Fishel and has remained her GBF ever since.

However, in the CW teen series, Carrie (Anna Sophia Robb) has lost her mother.

Her father Tom Bradshaw (Matt Letscher) is doting, attentive, and pretty respectful.

The series follows Candace Bushnell’s Carrie Bradshaw’s life more closely than the version we know from television and films.

However, this Carrie does call into question our perspective about the unlucky in love fashionista.

"How many women have you slept with because of this dog? He's trim, around 5'10", with a pale, angular face and light-brown hair that is thinning but definitely still there.

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"Tell me the truth," she said, leaning in conspiratorially.

Can a girl with such fabulous teen years be so relatable? Carrie’s Daddy Issues Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) didn’t have a dad in the HBO series.

In the episode “A ‘Vogue’ Idea” she confesses that her dad abandoned her family.

), has penned a collection of goofy young-adult anecdotes chronicling her journey from suburban So Cal to the height of '90s young Hollywood, largely punctuated by public pratfalls, shopping sprees gone wild and gay boyfriends, not to mention — *spoiler alert* — farting husbands.

Here are five of the best (and sometimes painful) moments from her new memoir, out this week. Fishel speed-talked her way through her first audition for the part of Topanga and was subsequently cast in a lesser role.

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