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Herbster had served as manager for the Isbell yards here since 1917. He will, however, retain the agencies for the Winkle stokers and the Original Pocahontas Automatic stokers in Rochester and surrounding territory. Lumber Co., stated today he was in error when he gave out the report that the local lumber and coal company was sold to the F. Hagan converted into a fine farm of ninety-three acres, five and a half miles southwest of Rochester. The wheel is wrapped with chain to prevent skidding, and is fixed between supports, the handles of which are held by the driver. made several extensive improvements and additions until it has become known as one of the best-equipped yards in northern Indiana. Hendrickson plans to retire from the lumber and coal business and take a much needed rest. This land at the time he settled upon it was one dense forest, which Mr. Hagan was married to Miss Rosa Goss, a daughter of Emanuel and Margaret Goss. Hagan was born in Liberty township, this county, Jan. The engine taken off of a motorcucle, is placed in front and the drive leads to a motorcycle wheel in the center of the sled. __________ TWO LUMBER & COAL FIRMS CONSOLIDATE Rumors of an important consolidation of two large business firms in Rochester were confirmed Monday with the acknowledgement by O. In 1892, having disposed of his farm in Newcastle township, he purchased what is known as the John Walters farm, located two miles south of Rochester, upon the Michigan road. To this union are these three children: Lulu B., Katie W. In politics he is a free silver democart, or at least believes in the theory of 16 to 1 ratio and is for tariff reform and a sufficient revenue to satisfy all the legitimate demands of the covernment economically administered. He then located in Marshall County, Ind., where he lived for sometime, then located where he now resides, in Newcastle township, Fulton County, and where he owns a valuable farm of 225 acres under good cultivation. He and his estimable lady are worthy members of the United Brethren Church, much esteemed by their acquaintances. 49] HAIMBAUGH, HENRY [Newcastle Township] BIOGRAPHY Henry Haimbaugh. Work proving unsatisfactory will be made over free of charge. Plans for the consolidation which will be completed as soon as the details can be worked out call for the making of one firm with Mr. Herbster as the owners but the operation of the two yards will continue just as they are now. [The News-Sentinel, Rochester, Indiana, Monday, February 23, 1925] [photo] H. 15] __________ A Well Known Name Probably no name in Rochester's business roster is better or more favorably known than The H. Lumber and Coal Co., operated at its modern quarters on East Eighth street by Messers Oren M. The Rochester of 1934 will continue in the future as the past to grow in beauty and sturdiness and it is safe to prophesy that behind that growth will be found the best efforts, service and quality of H. [The News-Sentinel, Friday, January 29, 1937] HAGGERTY, FRANCES [Rochester, Indiana] See: Wile Department Store HAGGERTY & KESSLER GARAGE [Rochester, Indiana] YOUNG MEN LEASE ROOM, WILL OPEN A GARAGE Harley Haggerty and Dale Kessler have leased the building at 621-623 North Main Street and will operate a garage and filling station. Miller and Sons who have operated an implement business in the building for the past year have moved to Logansport. On his father's farm he continued to work until he gained his majority, and then took up farming upon his own account, and this avocation in connection with stock interests has been his business. During the great gold excitement which soon followed this event, he went to California, where he acquired some of the precious metal. was elected to the office of Township Trustee, which office he filled acceptably for four years, being re-elected in 1874. He is a farmer and breeder of fine Percherons and Belgian horses. He married Sarah Slagle, of his native State, who was born in 1805. Haimbaugh were born eleven children--Mary E., Lydia C., Susan A., Rhoda A., Franklin A., Henry, Mahlon E., Dora B., John B., Thomas and Linnie--all of whom are living but Rhoda, who deceased in 1861 at the age of two years, and Mary, Lydia and Susan are married; all residents of this county. In 1855, they came to this county and purchased their present home, a very valuable farm of more than two hundred acres of good land. He built the first brick residence in Newcastle Township. [Jacob Neff Family, Mary (Molly ) Neff Barnhisel, Fulton Co Folks, Vol. The faculty of the University comprises the names of eminent practitioners as Gorgas, Harris and Uhler, of international fame in Dentistry, and Michael, Miles and Atkinson, in medicine and surgery. He cast his first presidential vote for Tilden in 1876. Andrew Haimbaugh's parents were Henry and Apalina (Holmes) Haimbaugh who had six children. She died in this county in the year 1871, he having preceded her to the other shore some twenty-four years. Harimbaugh, and a native of Pennsylvania, was born in the year 1818. June 29, 1851, he married Apollina Holmes, of the same county, born May 28, 1834. is an enterprising farmer and has been very successful. [Rochester Sentinel, Wednesday, December 20, 1905] HAIMBAUGH ROUND BARN [Newcastle Township] In 1914 John Haimbaugh hired the Kindig brothers to build the round barn which is one of the county's points of interest. [Rochester Sentinel, Friday, January 4, 1895] WILLIAM OAKLEY HAINES (Biography) William Oakley HAINES, D. S., our leading dentist, is a native of Baltimore, Maryland, and is a graduate and post-graduate of the finest dental school in the world -- The Dental Department of the University of Maryland -- both of which degrees were won by hard study and conscientious work before he had attained his twenty-first year. Haimbaugh was elected superintendent of the First Baptist Sunday school of Rochester. Haimbaugh is recognized as one of the leading men of affairs, and one of whose honesty and integrity there can bo no question. Peattie, Fulton County History, National Publishing Co,. He was born in Ohio September 28, 1854, had his education in the local schools in Indiana and in 1876 married Miss Sarah A. He remembers that the day he got his license was the day that Governor Williams spoke in Rochester. married Walter Brubaker and has two children, Mabel and Jackson. The third child Porter H., a farmer, married Clara Allison and has two children, Allison and Isabella. They are both deceased and are buried in a mausoleum near the I. He married Sarah Gramlich, of Fairfield County, Ohio, were they lived honored and esteemed citizens. He received a common education in the schools of his native county. 49] HAIMBAUGH & MERCER SHREDDER COMPANY [Fulton County] The Haimbaugh and Mercer shredder company enjoyed their annual after husking feast at the home of Mr. Walter Brubaker, yesterday evening and all had a grand time. [Rochester Sentinel, Friday, April 14, 1894] [Adv] Dr. Oakley Haines, DENTIST, Office in Deniston Block, opposite Arlington Hotel.

They are the distributors for the Hydo-Toron Tires. Supplies and service for electric irons, vacuum sweepers, washer motors (gas and electric) and other electric appliances. New Location - Drive In Service at HAGAN BROTHERS, 606 Main. garage is undergoing some extensive improvements preperatory for the establishment of a new Hudson-Terraplane auto agency which will be open for business Saturday. Haggerty has been the manager of the Linco Oil Company filling station of North Main street, resigning the position to lease the garage. INCORPORATE Articles of Incorporation for the Fulton County Lumber & Coal Co., to succeed the H. Lumber and Coal Co., have been filed at the office of the county recorder. John Hagan is the second eldest of four living children. People on the street Saturday were startled when the contrivance made its appearance. [The News-Sentinel, Thursday, September 6, 1945] FULTON COUNTY LUMBER & COAL CO. By occupation the father was a farmer and, as a man and citizen, he was most highly respected. He will probably be accompanied by several motorcyclists of Rochester. HAGEN INVENTS MOTOR SLED Otis Hagen, local motorcycle racer and agent for the Harley Davidson machine, has made the first motor sled ever seen in this city or perhaps in the whole state. & H., he stated the sale which was completed today was somewhat of a coincidence as it was just 36 years ago to the day that he started in the lumber business in this city with the firm of Brandenburg and Fogle. [Rochester Sentinel, Monday, February 2, 1914] HAGAN BROS. Kern Vulcanizing outfit, we are now prepared to repair all kinds of bicycle and automobile tires at our new location on [608] Main street in the room formerly occupied by Chapman's harness shop. The local man has used his own ideas in constructing the sled and was aided by John Becker and Dick Hart, blacksmiths.

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