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My one problem is the technical ability to get it done easily or the time to learn what is needed.

Also I don’t know how much more work this might create for our peerless leader but as I said up top I would help to the best of my ability.Yik Yakker wrote: Congratulations on getting burned at the stake!(Geez, how often does one get to say that with a straight face). As a producer I was incredibly worried about everything turning out well, getting the shots we need for the effects, the threat of rain.You and your colleagues should be justifiably proud. I felt the accumulation of the torture, the weeks of shooting, in that moment. I really wish more stories and books had titles like that. I'm going to go rub more burn cream on my shoulders...And I hope you won't take offense if I say how fetching you look with that rope and chain around your neck. We don't often get to see that expression, what with, getting tortured and killed a lot. The photo was taken when they had just set me up on the stake. The relief and triumph has been a bit delayed because of the horrible sunburn and bruises I received on that very day. I looked at the reels that night with some of the crew and JJ made a little test to see if everything worked out. Esso: Ah, Ray Walston singing “The Good Old Days” in Damn Yankees — that brings back memories.

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