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Friction Free Shaving (FFS) a UK start-up provides women with an honest view of shaving - the advert depicts the reality of a woman shaving in the shower.

) - I can't handle being tickled by her fur when we kiss.From Brazilians to Hollywoods to ‘laminate flooring’ (yes, that’s a direct quote right there), their answers make for an enlightening read on all things top-to-toe topiary. 'I tend to find that female hair is the thing most likely to put me off a girl, physically.I suppose my preference would be no hair but if there is, then anything well-groomed is fine. Any strays can be really off-putting, but equally I appreciate that keeping the area well kempt sometimes leads to fairly aggressive rashes, which is also off-putting.SCROLL DOWN TO SEE THE VIDEO FACEBOOK BANNEDThere are rarely 'real women' in real shaving situations being promoted in the mainstream media; adverts appear to favour images of models posing on the edge of expensive bath tubs wearing dressing gowns.Listening to this, FFS created a campaign all about real women in real bathrooms getting down to real shaving - they dubbed the moves 'shoga' or shaving-yoga.

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