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They are expecting to welcome their baby to the world in Spring.She shared a photograph on Instagram of a stunning beach-side location, where Hampson proposed.She continued: 'Anyway, yesterday we stared long and hard at her while she was snoozing and it just all came together.No other name seemed to suit her more than Rosie.'The brunette beauty then revealed that the name had significance because it was connected to multiple family members.'Rosie is a nod to my Nana (Dad's Mum, Rosella), May is my Mum's name, Dee is Shaun's Mum's name and obviously Hampson, the family name from Tom, Shaun's Dad.' Megan welcomed Rosie, her second child, last fortnight.

Celebrating all things Australian fashion, visitors are able to channel their inner Megan by strutting a purpose-built runway at the event.

And Megan Gale, 41, was able to enjoy the fruits of her labour this week when her wax doppelganger was finally unveiled at Madame Tussauds Sydney.

Clad in a custom-designed gown by designer Alex Perry, Megan's hand-crafted twin is the spitting image of the iconic model.

Hours earlier, she appeared on the Today Show to gush about being immortalised by Madame Tussauds.'It was absolutely incredible.

I was so fascinated by the whole process,' she exclaimed.

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