Logic updating Sex chat logins and passwords

Old: New: Now, at last, Apple has finally gone through its ancient UIs and given them a refresh, too.

That applies to almost every old Emagic-era (pre-Apple) plug-in, too.

But it’s pretty astonishing having watched Logic’s slow evolution under Apple – with the ongoing involvement of some of the Emagic personalities who first created the tool.

What impresses me is that now people talk about how “easy” they find Logic and its UI.

This combination might wind up turning out to be an unexpected bonus of the Touch Bar, that it causes some housekeeping in the shortcuts of apps.

(See the https://support.apple.com/en-au/HT203718release notes.) It’s not only skin-deep.

From the beginning, Apple had positioned Garage Band as a kind of gateway drug to Logic for newcomers – start with Garage Band, graduate to Logic.

And accordingly, the two have always shared a code base and functionality, not to mention being managed by the same people.

This lets you open (apparently stripped-down) Logic projects on your i OS device, lay down new tracks on the go, and then see those recorded tracks appear automatically back on your desktop machine running Logic.

Ten and fifteen years, you would hear people joke about even the word “logic” being in the title.

There are still a lot of choices in DAWs, and I hardly find Logic perfect.

But I have to observe, I think Logic Remote, the i OS control app, is still a more versatile option, by definition.

It gives you multi-touch, lots of real estate and touch area, and reasonably expressive music input, plus the same Smart Controls mapped to the Touch Bar.

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