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"I've always wanted to sleep in a four-poster bed," cooed Cathy, hugging Nick around the waist. " She stood up and dabbed the tip of her penis with a toilet tissue.

She was soon busily unpacking her outfits and hanging them in the wardrobe, dressed only in her stockings and panties. "It's much more 'girlie'.""Can I use the loo when you've finished? Nick, getting out his cock, replied: "Be my guest."Standing behind him, Cathy took hold of Nick's shaft and directed the stream into the bowl. And just look at the lovely message I left you in the railway carriage?

"Just then, the boarding announcement came over the tannoy and they walked up the inclined escalator, pulling their cases. "Ever the cautious half of the partnership, Nick reflected for a few moments."Right, here's what we do. there's usually a bit of 'musical chairs' with people moving to unoccupied seats.

But I've no objection if people want to watch us at it. I don't think I've ever done it in front of an audience! ""Let's live dangerously on this holiday, shall we?

Nick believed it out-ranked the panoramas from atop the Eiffel Tower, without all the hassle of the crowded lifts. It was a dazzlingly sunny day, with sunlight bouncing off the flowering chestnut trees which lined the swish Parisian avenue. Nick was relieved to find that few of the shops were open at this hour, though this didn't prevent numerous stops to admire shoes and jewellery and handbags - all without price tags. At the back of a confusingly-complicated array of undergarments, Nick spotted a corset on a headless tailor's dummy.

Two converging lines of street lights met at a dazzlingly-bright point on the near-horizon. We can easily walk it in about half-an-hour tomorrow; it's all downhill and there's loads of window-shopping along the Champs Elysees.""Only window shopping? Cathy was wearing a short cotton floral print dress, pale pink stockings and confortable red suede slip-on shoes. It was extremely waisted, made of black satin with vertical fuchsia panels.

The zig-zag queuing system had them marshalled though the ticket barriers within 15 minutes and then they were standing inside the vast vaulted interior of one of the city's most impressive former-railway stations."What would you like to see first? ""Not here, darling; that's back in our hotel bedroom later." They decided to take in the museum's famous furniture collection, then finish by touring the art galleries.

An hour later, they returned to the main concourse.

The Hotel Balmoral lived up to their expectations in every respect.

It was big - the result of three frustrating days of celibacy - and Cathy's expectant mouth was barely able to contain all the lovely warm cum which flooded in. ""Of course: because I wank thinking of you." He kissed her tenderly and could still discern lingering hints of his own semen - a taste he'd only recently become familiar with.

She refrained from swallowing, instead holding it - savouring its special taste - in her mouth. You've got to be the world's sexiest cock-sucker, sweetie.""And that must be one of the world's biggest loads of cum you've just delivered! ""'Cause I haven't had a 'Cathy wank' for three days, that's how! As the train emerged into the daylinght, Cathy clutched Nick's hand.

Tucked away in a quiet street close to the Arc du Triomphe, it had a pleasant old world decor and atmosphere.

Taking the miniscule elevator to the second floor, they were thrilled to find a four-poster bed in the centre of their spacious bedroom.

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