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The yellowed albums and the pictures of smiling children dressed up in their best clothes are testament to our hopes and dreams, but they end in blank pages, and the moment when our parents stopped taking our pictures […].” By following people from her own generation and documenting their day-to-day lives, Tavakolian is hoping to fill in the blank spots of those family albums, saying she is hoping “to add the pictures that were never taken of the way that life is for them now, grown up.I followed nine people who in a sense define this generation. This photo album is theirs; it is my vision of life in Iran now, unromantic and confined.

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merci vaghan khaste nabashid Hello Thanks I Think You Succeeded to Show The Beautiful Side Of IRAN The Country Which Always Is My Life &It`s The Total Meaning Of Life.

Sahar Tabar, 19, from Tehran, Iran, says she underwent dozens of cosmetic procedures in order to look more like Angelina Jolie, admitting she "would do anything" to emulate the famed actress's beauty.

See photos of her look: According to Belgian outlet Sud Info, Tabar underwent all 50 of her procedures over the span of just a few months.

Mostly, what we are accustomed to seeing are pictures of political leaders or gatherings of people listening to those political leaders.

But photographer Newsha Tavakolian’s book, “Blank Pages of an Iranian Photo Album” (Kehrer Verlag, 2015), aims to give us a peek at the ordinary lives of middle-class Iranians.

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