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Kanishka is the most famous of the Kushan kings, he is preserved in Bhuddist tradition as the king responsible for calling the second great Bhuddist council.

His series of coins is also magnificent, though not as extensive as those of his successor Huvishka.

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Comparison with Roman coins for 3rd century (Gobl, 1999). The most recent such attempt is that of Harry Falk, in which he claims to have demonstrated the first year of Kanishka's era was 127AD.

A new piece of evidence, or a radical interpretation of a previous one, which clinches once and for all the date of Kanishka's era.

Fixing that era would provide a chronological assistance to art and political historians interested in the history of North India and Central Asia..

Two competing methods for resolving the problem of Kanishka's era have plagued Kushan studies.

The second method is to take the all evidence and attempt to find a solution which is compatible with as much of our sources as possible.

This method was employed by Cribb (1997) to arrive at a date of 107 to 120.

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