Sastry Tumuluri is an Information Security Professional, Startup Mentor and an IT Solutions Architect.

His notable work includes the Technical Architecture of India’s first transformative e-Governance system – MCA21, Ford Motor Company’s Vehicle Packaging Databank, NEC’s offshore Development Center and the University of Utah’s Video Conferencing system.

To cope with the growing cyber attacks, experts recommend an approach that combines 3 elements: Prevention, Detection and Response.

That he can be a prolific coder as well as Program Manager on the same day is his greatest strength.

Our uniquely experienced attorneys and staff work diligently to remain apace of the ever-changing landscape of Medicaid Laws.

We consistently determine proper strategies in light of recent and continuing changes in Federal and State Law. Family Trusts Family Trusts are a valuable planning tool in preserving assets BEFORE facing the prospect of long-term care and its draining cost.

I took some HD video on the field but the hotel connection is so slow I’ve given up on that for now until I get back home to the Bay Area.

Tomorrow we are off to visit the JCPenney headquarters down the street which means work but this conference is focusing on social media so it should be especially interesting for me.

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