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It looks good on paper, and in color...bottle slightly boring...reminds me a tad of Vera Wang(they DO both have tobacco and that color?lol) But whenever I've smelled this, it's not only smelled different each time(read about reformulations already, so maybe? 9/10 I’dont understand how can hundred people vote to poor longevity while other people choose the long lasting opion...I love this cologne but it does not last more than an hour or so.I keep it in my car now for wheni forget to put something on. the drydowncan give you a headache if your not careful.Instead, to my nose The One is Rihanna Rogue Man but with the vanilla orchid replacing the cola accord, due to the spicy sweetness. Yes, I know there’s a stronger EDP formulation that I got now because my girlfriend loves how it smells on me. It can work in offices due to how light it is and also dates and casual settings.It is nice and isn't offensive so you shouldn't set off too many people with it.I have yet to come across any fragrance that instantly got me off the bat. A better alternative for D&G The One at a fraction of the price. Very interesting one, masculine, sweet but also woody with noticeable citrus notes. Apart from the poor longevity, this fragrance is perfect in every way. It's so alluring, so provocative, so smooth, so sexy.Scent: It is Spicy Sweet (not sugar sweet but ambery more subtle sweet) smell enveloped in dry aged tobacco leaves. For me maybe little too heavy, in my opinion this will suit most mature, serious men (40 ). If you're new to fragrances and are looking for a great sigscent then look no further.

The notes of this fragrance are composed in accordance with the Gabbana creator's taste, who wanted to create a woody-oriental composition.When it comes to the choice of the model, the Dolce&Gabbana designers said that they wanted to have the sexiest man on the planet.And with regards to that, Gabbana adds that this is the first time that a model in one of D&G men's fragrance campaigns appears in clothes.The drydown is the best part of the fragrance, because the amber tobacco is best combination in perfumery... 'The One' is good off course and a classic and i like it a lot..be always in my collection..or edp(n future)... Very nice oriental type of perfume with little sweet and touch of spice may b due to tobacco and cardamom. I asked a mate what he was wearing in December 208... I still have half the bottle for almost 10 years...shame it don't smell that nice after all, and only lasts about 4 to 5 hours on me...

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