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James explained how it was down to the sudden death of a stranger - Dominic De Sousa, a Dubai magazine boss - which had made him consider his position.He said: "I was chatting to him and he stood up on stage and collapsed and passed away in front of me." Find out more about celebrity chefs The TV star is in a relationship with girlfriend Louise Davies See what James Martin has to say about Ready Steady Cook comeback Dominic 56, a prominent figure in Dubai’s media industry, died on stage of a suspected heart attack when he was hosting the in 2015.

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James Tahhan was born in Los Teques, Venezuela, the son of Bachir Wahbi Tahhan, of Syrian-Armenian descent, and Mimi Masri, of Syrian-Venezuelan descent. During his formative years, James learned home cooking from his parents."That was just over a year ago and that was the decision to change," James added."I look back at all the work I'd done, I'd done like four days off that year and five days off the year before and I thought something's got to change.In the past he's been seen publicly with a few leading ladies, including FHM model Claire Goose and American film producer Barbara Broccoli, who he split with in 2005. Although James has given up presenting Saturday Kitchen, fans can still get their fix by tuning into This Morning on Fridays where he will stand alongside Anita Rani as guest presenter on the talk show.Most recently he was dating TV producer Louise Davies, but after his split with Barbara, the chef has been reluctant to comment on any love interests.

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