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'I kept myself busy which is good and bad but allows you to …get through that initial shock.'This period lasted between five and seven years by which time William was 22 and meeting Kate Middleton at St Andrews University.

Harry grew up thinking that 'not having a mum was normal', adding: 'The ten years I was in the Army I just sort of dug my head in the sand and it was just white noise.' Now, William says he is instilling those memories of his mother in his own children.

The son of the Earl of Carnarvon, who was then the Queen’s horse racing manager, was a trusted friend of the princess and said she was going through ‘a bad time … He told the documentary that the Queen had raised the issue of Charles and Diana’s marriage after a lunch at Balmoral.‘The Queen wanted to talk to me about it because she was so worried about Diana,’ he said.‘[We had] an incredibly important chat, a very personal chat.

Harry Herbert revealed the monarch was worried about Diana, following months of speculation about the state of her marriage to the Prince of Wales.

William says his mother's spirit is constantly at his side.

'There are not many days that go by I don't think of her.'I have a smile every now and again when someone says something, and I think, 'that's exactly what she would have said', or, 'she would have enjoyed that comment.''So they always live with you, people you lose, like that. I give thanks that I was lucky enough to be her son and I got to know her for the 15 years that I did.'She gave us the right tools and has prepared us well for life in the best way she could, not, obviously, knowing what was going to happen.' Until this year, many feared Diana had been airbrushed from the royal story, an inconvenient reminder of unhappier times.

But since the beginning of 2017 both princes have spoken out about her continuing impact on their lives.

They have commissioned a statue and in their different ways they tell how they dealt with the loss.

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