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Cruise ships are convivial places, and it’s easy to make friends at mealtimes and during onboard activities – but there is rarely any enforced socialising.And the biggest problem for singles is the cost – few ships have single cabins so solo cruisers often have to pay hefty single-occupancy charges for double cabins.So if you want to make sure the fraudster gets their comeuppance for robbing you of your hard-earned money, report them. When it comes to suitable and affordable holidays for single people, I detect the tide is starting to turn.A reputable agency may ask you to pay for a professional photo shoot (in which case you would pay the photographer and have ownership of the photos), but would never charge you a fee to add photos to their site.

Anyone telling you they run a no-sex escort agency IS A SCAMMER. What you must do though is report the scam to Action Fraud, and you can do so here.

Escort photos and details will be publicly accessible without the need for a site login. A good agent will have a regular client base and a reputation to keep up.

They will want to see you in the flesh, get an idea about your personality, talk you through what is involved etc.

A common trick used by the dodgy agencies is to tell you that they have a job for you….their client is desperate to meet you…that you need to pay their joining fee first.

Don’t be tricked – you will never hear from them again. Are you a straight guy who wants to earn some extra money working as a male escort? Almost certainly too good to be true I am afraid – I have yet to meet a straight guy who works in this industry with any success.

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