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The teams battled back and forth for the next five minutes, leaving five more minutes remaining in the third period and then the Winterhawk broadcaster’s commentary filled Mason’s ears ...

Referee Smith has his arm up Andy, penalty to Portland, but I think Seattle too, matching up.

Yes he does Todd, Portland’s Eric Long is going off for roughing, but so is the player he roughed, Seattle’s Blake Corbin.

Corbin is being called for embellishment, Andy, and the crowd does not like it.

Mason’s well bemused father, Harold, looked at Mason trying not to smile too much and mostly just enjoying his son’s ardent fervor for the sport of ice hockey and their shared love of the Portland franchise.

Mason finally sat as play resumed for the requisite two minutes of four-on-four play, both teams equally penalized, no problem, right? As the play went on for the required penalty time, Blake Corbin sat in the sin bin (the sport’s euphemism for the rink’s penalty box) and bided his time.

Everyone said they needed just one more guy, one more ringer as they say to get the job done. How much would it cost the team in future bantam level draft picks or present roster players if he did? The teams moved to their respective sides at the center red line and the referee dropped the puck, game on to the finish for good or ill.The league also spans as far north as Calgary, Edmonton and Cape Breton in Quebec and as far south as Erie, Pennsylvania. It was mid-January that year, the league’s trading deadline hardly a week away.All players in the CHL including Portland’s are all age sixteen to twenty years old, every last one of them trying their best to attract professional scouting interests in their skills sufficient to be drafted by any one of the major NHL professional teams that reside in Canada and the United States. Quite frankly, the Seattle club had but very little chance of landing a playoff spot that coming April.James Josephine Josephine Carrington Joy Karins Juanita Judith Bella Juli Ashton Julia Ann Julia Larot Julia Parton Julia Perrier Julia Schultz Juliana Dominguez Julianna Sterling Julianna Young Julianne Julianne James Julie Bond Julie Clarke Julie Lynn Cialini Julie Meadows Julie Rage Juliet Juliet Anderson Juliette Carelton June Lee Justa Dream Justice Howard Justine Reage Justine Romee K. James Sarah Jane Hamilton Sarah Louise Young Sa Reena Lee Sascha Sasha Sweet Sasha Vinni Saskia Satomi Savannah Scarlett Scharleau Scotti Andrews Seduction Seduction Seka Seleena Steele Selen Selena Selina St.Clair Senneca September Raines Serena Serena Steele Serenity Serina Lewis Sexy Shae Marks Shaena Steel Shai Shakira Shane Shane Tyler Shanna Evens Shanna Mc Cullough Shannon Long Shannon Rush Shannon Tweed Sharlyn Alexander Sharon Kane Sharon Mitchell Sharon Thorpe Sharon Vegas Sharon Wild Sharry Konopski Shaun Michelle Shauna Grant Shauna Sands Shawna Shawna Edwards Shawnee Shawnee Cates Shay Sights Shay Sweet Shay Thomas Shayla Foxx Shayla Heart Shayla La Veaux Sheena Sheena Chase Sheena Horne Sheila Stanton Sheila Stone Shelby Myne Shelby Stevens Shelli Sheri St.

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