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It’s understandable that you felt too flustered and embarrassed to address the issue in the moment, but you should absolutely set up a meeting with her and make it clear that it’s wildly inappropriate for her to go through anyone else’s medication at work—labeled or otherwise—and that it is a potentially fireable offense.If your office has an HR department, you should bring them into the conversation, because (once again!Later that day I went back to my office, and she and another person had actually opened the unlabeled bottle and were looking at the medicine! I guess they looked at the color and numbers on the pills and looked up the medication.In the few months after that —I kid you not—several people at the office have “casually” mentioned herpes and how disgusting it is. One co-worker asked about a red spot on my hand and said loudly, “Yuck, it looks like herpes!

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I really didn’t want him to walk me down the aisle, but by the end of the engagement, I was so burned out on decision-making that I just didn’t have the strength for that conversation, with him or any of my many relatives who would have demanded an explanation. He was so drunk at the rehearsal that I had to hold him up as we walked down the aisle, and he made jokes about disrupting the ceremony to object.Sometimes I think I don’t want it to go away, anyway; I don’t always have a lot of feelings with depression, so there’s something nice about having these intense emotions, even if they’re hard to handle. My wish for you and your girlfriend is not to live in a state of unresolved, unexpressed, unrequitable longing; nor is it for the two of you to get involved, either physically or emotionally, in a live-in open relationship with your housemates right now.Being hit by constant waves of sadness and jealousy just from looking at your housemates is, to say the least, suboptimal, and you acknowledge that you’re depleting your own mental and emotional reserves trying to manage this situation, even with the support of your girlfriend and a therapist.” One odd thing about this is that I have been extraordinarily financially generous to the admin who peeked and told. I used to like my job, and I make a very high salary.If I leave the company, I fear this issue will follow me.

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