Dating an orthodox jew Cam2 chat

And mine, like most others in my community was anything but. As a girl turns 18, it gives matchmakers a green light to start calling the parents.

I belong to a certain Hasidic sect so the suggestions were all going to be eligible young men from the same sect.

I knew how dedicated he was to his widow mom and I could tell he would go through fire for anyone he cares about. Since the parents had already taken care of the other important stuff like discussions about money among others, I happily told my parents to go ahead and let the other side know and after the matchmaker called to tell us he wanted to marry me too, we got officially engaged.

We quickly found some mutual acquaintances who could tell us more about the boy. We can only do our best and hope the reports we got were truthful.

We spoke about our families, our time in seminary or Yeshivah (an institution that focuses on teaching Talmud to boys and young men) and other things. My parents gave me the option to meet him again the next day.

We do not talk about the deeper stuff since we both come from the same background, so it’s usually a given that we will be on the same page. I was young, barely 19 and I probably (most assuredly) didn’t realize what a momentous decision this was. (of how much one could see from one meeting) Besides all the good things I heard about him, he was also nice and had a great sense of humor.

My dear husband is everything I thought he was; caring, heart of gold, great sense of humor and does everything for me and the kids.

When dating Jewish girls, there are a few important things to remember, especially if both parties practice Orthodox Judaism.

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