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Was it so she could meet your friends, have someone to talk to, or some other reason?

If you really wanted her there, did you offer to pay for her? If none of those worked, I can only think your friend is mean, or doesn't like your mother. I have had good experiences at weddings talking to new people, where I didn't know anyone going in. While you want to support your soon-to-be-married friends(s), there's nothing like a wedding to remind you that you're alone; i.e., not in a relationship. The engaged couple need to be sensitive to this fact and assure their single friend that they will be seated with people who they will enjoy, and should give a description as to who the single friend will be seated with so that person has some background. On the other hand, weddings are expensive so I can appreciate that the couple needs to be pay attention to the number of people who they invite.

I did express my uneasiness (mildly put) about the unfairness of having to ALWAYS travel solo because I am not married. "This led me to internet research on the 'etiquette' for inviting singles (per your definition) to weddings, parties, other events.

Basically, social etiquette supports the position that married/coupled people have their Significant Other also invited. "I invited a single friend with a guest, and when she returned the reply card, she'd written another female friend of hers. "My fiance and I are paying for most of our wedding and we are on a tight budget.

I was also instructed to NOT invite one woman's husband (alcoholic), so I did not.

I did promptly respond with the enclosed card that '2' would be in attendance.Overall, I wanted to be mindful with the seating, to increase the likelihood that people would have a good time, but also be frugal.The most important question to me as a hostess regarding singles was "do they know and like at least one person outside of the wedding party, with whom they can sit with and chat?I also invited a coworker and his wife; I did not know they were in the process of getting divorced.He brought his daughter instead, and I was delighted to meet her.

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