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I have four different Amex cards so I plan on getting them all changed to an opening date of 1999 and really boosting my average age.Readers, have you ever heard about this Amex backdating trick or had success with it?I have over 22 credit cards now and through a combination of careful planning and some tricks and tips I’ve picked up along the way my credit score is still very healthy(fluctuates from 725-775) and I’ve never been denied for a line of credit.Understanding what comprises your score and what affects your score is key in building a solid credit profile.

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In certain circumstances tax credits claims can be backdated.

It didn’t make a huge difference but it was a quick and effective way to boost her credit score.

Each case is different but generally the worse your score and the higher the limit is on the card you’re added to, the higher your increase will be.

Obviously you could see how valuable that would be since if I had my dad(Amex cardholder since 1980) add me as an authorized user, my average age of accounts would shoot way up.

I wasn’t even born until 1987 but my credit report would show that I opened that AU account in 1980.

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